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Reviewed in the United States on June 13, 2013
I actually do love NCIS, watch it every week, but what was interesting with the first season was watching the personal dynamic between the characters and realizing how much it has evolved over the years. It was very different from what I thought I remembered. The actors characters were more overblown....The characters are still along the same line but much more subtle now and for me more enjoyable which was why it didn't have five stars. It was fun to see how Magee was woven into the series and not so much fun knowing Kate was going to get shot.

It definitely is worth owning to see how the series has evolved AND the stories are just a interesting and good as they now are. You find out how various armed forces procedure work i.e. on Airforce One and yes I had to do a double take when the actor who played George W. Bush came aboard...he really looked like Bush! Watching them takeoff and land on the destroyer and finding out about the procedures for those sitting in seats, interesting wouldn't have realized that. It was great fun.
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