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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2015
The overall theme and unique properties of magic in this series kept me reading the second book of this trilogy. The author's habit of pronoun overuse slowed my reading speed. It was not always clear to me who the he's and she's were. Another thing that bothered me was how people can travel outdoors in a terribly harsh environment for months while using barely any food and never having an opportunity to wash or change clothes. Additionally, for several characters to hang out in a small underground hideout, with no ventilation, no source water and no sanitary facility is difficult to imagine. Keep in mind, the characters who built the hideout do not use magic. With or without magic, our heroine needs to breathe air, eat and drink, and use the bathroom. Even if she somehow never bathes or changes her clothes, the life-threatening shortage of food, water, shelter and heat faced by the heroine and the horses in this Arctic-like environment are not properly dealt with in this book. Horses and people need food, water and some relief from Arctic-like conditions to survive. To simply have them plod along and survive in the absence of minimal supplies and relief makes the story much harder to enjoy For these reasons, I only gave the book three stars.
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