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Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2019
Runs great and is quiet. So far have only used for heating and while we have it in the living room of a small house (heating about 550 sq feet) with Kitchen, living room, and dining room; it is heating the upstairs as well so we actually are getting enough heat for a 12,000 sq foot house. Having said that, the temp outside hasn't gotten much below 32 degrees yet. It is easy to keep the heat over 85 if you want. (We tested it)

Install was pretty easy if you take your time. We installed it in a 100 year old home to avoid the cost of installing a traditional heat pump and running ducts.

You'll need a 2.5" hole saw for your drill and a stud finder, the rest are basic tools, wrenches and screwdrivers. I took one star off for the instructions which were not very good and kept me guessing or second-guessing. Look at some youtube videos. That helped. If you don't have a professional do the final part, you will need to either rent or buy a vacuum pump and gauges to evacuate the lines/testing for leaks before letting the Freon (supplied) into the system. I borrowed the vacuum pump from the AutoZone tool loaner program. Actually it was pretty easy if you don't overthink it. Most folks will want a professional to do the Freon part which only took about 30 minutes (most of that was waiting to ensure no leaks. Using a Professional is probably the smart way to go since if you have a leak and lose the Freon, you'll be calling them anyway. So.. the insurance is worth a service call for a few minutes of time. I didn't do that but then again, I'm pretty handy and am more adventurous than most.

I also did my own electrical work. My son in law is a master electrician and I felt confident that I could use him if I got into trouble. I didn't (btw make sure you buy/install a outside cutoff switch panel (required by most code). My install time was about 8 hours (because I second guessed myself a lot plus I bought and installed a PVC Decorative Line Cover Kit for $49 which made the whole installation look professional. That part took most of the time. Also, the 100 year old home fought back a bit (plaster and lath walls and irregular placing of studs). A AC professional would probably charge you for 4 hours for two people so you could probably be charged almost as much as the unit itself in installation costs. Plus they'd also want you to have the electrical already done. If you're handy with tools, the installation wasn't hard. Again, look at some youtube videos. Either way, it seems like a good unit. I especially like that it is quiet both inside and outside the house. Oh, in case you're wondering, I did have my electrical work checked out by the son in law anyway. I hope this review helps anyone looking at this product and/or installation.
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