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Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2014
This was one of the first David Weber Books I ever read, and I was fascinated with the complexity of his characters (especailly his amazing female heroine) and such excellent world building. I started to search for more of his books, and thanks goodness he is pretty prolific, so I have not been disappointed, other than I seem to have read them all (again and again) and I wait patiently now for new releases.
But back to In Fury Born...
I have read both the original, and the new edition that incorporates more of Alicia's back story, and to be honest, I cannot decide which is best - I like the greater exposition in the new edition a lot, but perhaps this could have been produced even more successfully as a novella prequel rather than as an expanded novel. I also like that in the original story you gradually find out bits and pieces about the back story that you can then interpret and build on yourself as part of the reader's imaginative interaction.
I really liked the Greek mythology elements (which I will not revel further as that would be a major spoiler) and pretty much the whole cast of characters. But I have to admit that one arguably major character just left me cold ie Tannis - she just seems so clueless and was to me an unsettlingly unsatisfactory character.
But apart from that one character quibble - what a great read - so fast and so furious. I also want to request David Weber to revisit this cast of characters and produce a sequel - there are so many places you could take this story from its current resolution.
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