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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2019
First the product itself: I've used Mighty Mites for decades and loved them. My previous one only died because a neighbor forgot to check if there was a bag inside and the motor got clogged and started running hot and smelling like smoke. So I wanted a new one. After checking reviews of the current Mighty Mite I saw several reviews that said that there had been problematic design and material changes. However this one (now called "Sanitaire") seems to be the same as the old Mighty Mites.

Now the problem/resolution : As it turns out there was no problem. Or rather I created a problem.
This was new--as promised by the seller. For some reason the inside packaging is odd and makes it look like the vacuum isn't new. But even though the mistake was mine, the seller was courteous and more than fair and sent me a replacement.

Kudos to Amazon too, for facilitating communication and resolution.
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