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Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2016
I found this book by Robert F. Moss offers a unique sampling of history, lore, culture and a splash of whimsy along with selected recipes for cocktails and spirits. This book can serve double duty for antidotes if you find yourself hosting or entertaining at a cocktail party or Drink clubs. The recipes provided range from single serving cocktails to the likes of, The Charleston Light Dragoon Punch, which serves 28.
Robert Moss researched many aspects of the culture and history that shaped southern drinking and the formulas that came out of the Civil war, Prohibition, Rebellions - to the Rum Runners, Bootleggers, and Moonshiners. The book offers black and white photos of historical places and people and general fodder of the era.
An excerpt from the chapter on The Whiskey Rebellion tells of George Washington, "Ironically the very man who suppressed the Whiskey Rebellion became a distiller himself not long after.”. [1796] I found this is all too often a common thread: The people who railed against alcohol often not only ended up indulging in the once forbidden elixir, but producing it themselves. And who knew that French Wine Cola, which was panned in Atlanta, would then go on to become Coca-Cola?!
Wither you are a connoisseur or a novice of whiskey, bourbon, brandy, and cognac, (the main focus of the recipes of this book) Robert Moss offers up these spirits as characters in predominately Southern American history. This 315 page book will definitely give you a taste of the journey these spirits have had in the South. In Addition you can relish 40 of the same recipes for refreshments as our southern ancestors did back in the day.
The two things I wish this book had included were 1. Color photos of the drinks of the recipes - how they look now and/or how they looked in the era they were invented. 2. More drink recipes! This book is listed under Cookbooks and Beverage Books. I think it is more a reference/culture book with a few recipes. Southern Spirits is an amusing book and a good, easy, rainy day read.
I received this book for Blogging for Books in exchange for a review.
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