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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2019
TRUSTED CARE KLEENEX, billed as being for everyday use, are good for everyday use as long as you’re not planning on blowing your nose. If you are, you’ll need at least two at a time. You know why. That said, they are good for things like pressing against the wound after doing blood sugar or perhaps for cleaning glasses. But they are definitely too thin (to be used individually) for the one thing we most buy Kleenex for: blowing your nose. We only buy these Kleenex by accident. 2 Stars

ULTRA SOFT KLEENEX are perfect for nose blowing. You only need one. They are also good for other Kleenex uses, such as wound care and glasses cleaning. These are the Kleenex we buy in bulk for use around the house, because they really are all-purpose. 5 Stars

SOOTHING LOTION KLEENEX is good for those times when you are doing a lot of nose blowing, so much that your nose is starting to turn red and requires extra TLC. For those times when you have a raging cold or wicked bad allergies, you want Soothing Lotion Kleenex. That said, you would not want to use them to press against a wound and if you tried to wipe your glasses with them, you would just end up with smeared glasses. You should also be aware that the lotion aspect of these Kleenex eventually dries them out, so you’ll need to use them in a timely manner. We buy these Kleenex on an “as needed” basis. 5 Stars

KLEENEX PROFESSIONAL FACIAL TISSUES are only bought by businesses which don’t like you. If you’ve ever blown your nose at the doctor’s office (using two of these Kleenex), you know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure businesses buy these to save money because they know you won’t be tempted to use them a second time. The last few are a different color so that the office staff knows when a new box is needed. We buy these Kleenex never. 1 Star
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