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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2019
After contacting Amazon and struggling to explain the city I am in does not have UPS/FedEx to mail back the defective DVD, they accredited my online account with $20 - which was almost double what I spent. I ended up taking the risk and purchasing this same exact movie but the Blu-Ray version. It showed up quickly with absolutely no problems.
I'll be honest, I'm pretty happy with the outcome, but buyer beware of the DVD version!!

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1 Star.
It showed up quickly and was cheap, which are the ONLY good parts. Opened the case and took out the disc, immediately realizing it was scratched - rings around the disc!! The previews played just fine, but within two minutes of the actual movie, it skipped and froze.
We removed the disc, and I noticed the inner ring of the disc appears warped, as well. Upset, I cleaned it with a DVD wipe, wiped down our Playstation, too. Put the movie back in. Fine, it played.
Halfway through.... Skipped, froze.
And that's it. The movie won't play. I wasted my money and my time!
Do NOT buy this DVD!!!
Very disappointed, as I probably won't even be offered a refund or exchange for a defunct disc that showed up scratched!!
Tried to upload photos, but I keep recieving an error message!!
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