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Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2021
I've been reading Lexi Blake since the very beginning. I used to absolutely ADORE every story she published! However, some where along the way, I got tired of the reused plot of a manwh!re with commitment issues... In this case, I truly enjoyed Tyler's sunny disposition and outlook on life. I think he was a sweet heart who could have had a lot of potential. Especially if he was paired with a heroine who didn't spend years being hurt by his ways.

Unfortunately, throughout past books in the series we see his character continually use women for hook ups while supposedly loving Lucy. Not just occasionally either... To the point it's disgusting/disturbing. He spent years hooking up with any willing woman... But then, when Lucy seems ready to date Michael THEN Tyler decides to buckle down and stop hooking up with other women? Seriously? What part of that screams love? Or even true affection?

He wasn't willing to sacrifice those other women so he could be with Lucy... He kept up the behavior for a long time. What's attractive about not stopping until she's finally had enough and considers moving on with someone else? Wow. Yeah, that just screams love and romance to me. Except, it doesn't. Not at all.

He kept Lucy around, but in a kind of limbo for way too long for me to find him attractive. He saw it hurt her but it didn't temper his behavior.

What really bothered me was when he mentioned Lucy was always his "end game." That is just plain insulting! Seriously?? WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE IS THAT? You really want to teach women that it's okay to be treated as an after thought for years?? But, all is forgiven because now HE has changed & HE'S finally ready to spend the rest of their lives together... But ya know, only when HE'S ready to give up sleeping around! Forget what the female wants! Forget her thoughts/emotions!

The author tried to offset his past by have him be celibate for a year prior to this but, it didn't seem like genuine care... It felt forced. He was on a time crunch set b/c he was about to lose her to Michael.

Initially, I loved Michael. He looked out for Lucy and offered what he could emotionally while he was healing from the betrayal of his ex. I liked how he called Tyler out on his crap... At first I was 100% team Michael. Then Michael goes completely off his rocker and accuses Lucy of some terrible out of character behavior. On one hand I understand the point... "his damage made him do it" but also... No! Not good enough! These are adult characters, not adolescents. He's an adult and has had plenty of time to face his demons. He was ridiculously over the top awful to Lucy.

I didn't think either of the "heros" particularly deserved her by the end. Which is such a bummer because, I came into this book living these characters! Maybe, I've outgrown this author? Idk. I hope not because I used to really enjoy Lexi Blake's writing.

As a reader, I find a hero much more attractive when he is loyal, steadfast, and not an utter manwh!re who only settles down out of fear of losing the heroine for good. Don't make your heroine settle for being second best or only an after thought.

As a reader I want to empathize with the heroine and route for the hero to win her heart. However, I can't route for a hero I don't respect. Nothing about Ty's character made me respect him. He came off as a man child who wanted to live it up all while Lucy sat around waiting because duh... "She's his endgame!" and Michael well I guess he has the excuse "My damage made me do it."
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