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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2021
This is my first experience with this author, sadly. I ordered the sample and she hooked me with her hard-hitting writing and the steamy chemistry between the two leads. Good girl vs. trained killer cliche, but I am still game. Brea was the lead female and was VERY RELIGIOUS... a good girl church goer who agonizes over every impure thought. It was sooooo frustrating. Here we are in the erotica genre of romance yet every thought and action was dictated by her "what would jesus do" mentality. That truly was the biggest conflict in the book.... Brea vs. her religion. The hero has moments of hotness but was testicularly challenged throughout the plot when it came to "sharing" his girl with Cutter, Brea's supposed boyfriend. Cutter go WAAAY too much airtime in this story and almost felt like a triangle storyline. A very distasteful aspect of the book was the repeated cavalier use of the word rape. It was unnecessary and put me off everytime it was used...especially since is was an easily explained misunderstanding. Unfortunately, that plot twist was one of many where Brea was an unlikeable lead that rarely stood up for her love interest.

I stayed up late reading this book despite my dislike of the religious overtones but when it left me dangling off the cliff at the end, NOT giving a complete ending....I was pissed. I went to bed pissed and woke just as mad as went I fell asleep.
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