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Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2020
For Scot Harvath fans, this novel is an all too familiar tale with lots of procedural and background details many appreciate. However, the book is only an "okay" read for anyone looking for a more interesting and engaging storyline. The author's once original and thrilling plots have become tired, worn out retellings of stale espionage encounters. This forgettable read serves well as a low-excitement distraction. Still, for dedicated Scot Harvath followers, this installment (hopefully the last) will likely only complete complete their collection.

I'm purposefully not sharing any details of the plot or storyline because it would reveal too much, destroying any potential reading enjoyment. However, I was annoyed with all the excruciating details for the first 90% of the book to then have everything ended so quickly with so few details or explanations in the short and abrupt ending. Ugh!

The story's travelogue details and background were interesting to some degree but slowed the narrative. It felt the author's heart wasn't in this book. His predictable storytelling plods along with its formulaic ritual of repetition, cobbled together into a forced and contrived adventure. Nothing new or believable here to inspire or entertain. Zzzzz!

This story had little originality with cutout characters lacking interest or development. Wished the author had a better reason for writing this book, other than to possibly demonstrate and announce Scot Harvath's overdue retirement.

Although Audible's narration supplement helped move the story along, a faster reading speed is recommended.

Perhaps the author will find a newer, more refreshing characters and imaginative plotline contexts for his next series, one more contemporary and with less dated themes.
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