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Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2020
I'm a die hard Anita fan but there was no point to this book. It was a dragged out 'will we, won't we' relationship drama for a non-relationship. There was no action, the detective work was subpar, and well seasoned veterans ran around like newbs that can't find their a$$ with both hands. I think the author tried way too hard to move back to Obsidian Butterfly and it just didn't work. Plus, this is the second book that there's not any shifter 'goo'. You can't have two dozen books then suddenly it's not there anymore. I don't want to spoil anything, but a certain scene(s) would have been a lot different had the author remembered her OWN shifter rules. Also, there's no heat, none (the one scene doesn't really count because she has no idea what bus happening and is an idiot about it). Which is mostly fine except the last book didn't really have a lot more than random fluff either. I'll read the next one, but I really hope it gets better. You can't backtrack on so many integral things this far in. The author needs to stop listening of her content editor and everyone saying this or that and just write what she wants to. If she's done with Anita then fine. This was just som very NOT good.
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