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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 30, 2018
I was so excited to read Crystal and Gabe's story and am sad to say I was disappointed in this book. I didn't know the storyline would coincide with Book 1, and I felt a lot of it repeated the first few chapters giving no new insight other than Crystal visiting Samantha (the other wife in Book1). In this book, Crystal relocates to the South to support her friend Hailey. Since it was told this way, I thought I'd get more background on what transpired between Hailey and Jensen or Jensen and Gabe and that didn't happen.

I did love Gabe and thought he was very caring, sexy, smart and witty. He was left at the alter and didn't know if he could love again, until he meets Crystal. My main reason for only giving this three stars is because I don't think Crystal was very nice to him. Sure the banter was fun to read, and their chemistry was hot and you could feel the sexual tension and their attraction towards one another, but that's all they really had together as a couple. There were no sweet and tender moments that she initiated, she never told him he was special or any other qualities she admired. She really didn't talk about anything personal. She just blurted out the one personal secret she had kept from him (as to why she didn't want children) after they had been together for several months. They just to me never had any real conversation or emotional connection.

The one time they cooked together in the cabin they were making grilled cheese and I am assuming canned soup. They started cooking it when their friends left. I am a stickler for details and these things annoy me....their friends came back just as the sandwiches were done. You can't even get the mail that fast let alone leave for a nightclub and come back all before you can make a sandwich. I also didn't like how everyone kept mentioning what an awesome nurse she was. Most nurses work hard and don't make mistakes or they'd be fired. You can't make mistakes in healthcare. And when she went home on bedrest, the doctor later said she can work one day a week. That wouldn't happen, he would tell her a few hours a day, maybe twice a week, not go in for 8 hours straight. I know I am being picky but I am a beta reader for other authors and can't help it.

All in all I liked this book and really liked Gabe, but I felt sorry for him. His ex wouldn't hold his hand or kiss him in public and I believe he deserved this kind of love. He was very giving and generous. There is also a part in the book where he is being targeted–his four tires slashed twice and later his house catches fire, and she doesn't even seem to care. She is smug and says that he must have gotten someone angry. I just expect much more from my female lead to be able to call her a heroine. The book does end with a nice HEA, but I feel he deserved more than Crystal gave him.

I am a fan of Natasha Madison and will continue to read her books, especially the "Something So" series.
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