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Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2017
As always J.L.A is the expert of romance. I have waited and dreamed of the continuation of this series for forever and though my expectations probably were a bit too high, resulting in a bit of disappointment, I really enjoyed Brave.

I love Jennifer L Armentrout’s humor. That’s what made me start reading her books obsessively after reading half blood. Well, the humor and the romance of course. It’s just something about it that sticks out and really draws me to it. I guess I’m just a sucker for sarcasm and bits, which J.L.A major in. In Brave however, I feel that Armentrout did not put as much effort behind it and that disappointed me a bit as the humor is a big factor as to why I love her writing style. That’s not to say that there wasn’t anything humorous or funny at all. There absolutely were and that lifted the book a lot. I just wished there were more.

Despite being somewhat disappointed in the joke department, J.L.A certainty raised the bar with the action, romance and general girl power. That’s actually another reason why I love her books so much. You will never find the damsel in distress stereotype when you read any of her books. All women fight for independence, are strong and capable. Basically, they kick a**. There is no men walking over them, especially in the relationships. Ren and Ivy are equals and that’s what made me fall in love with their relationship. Sure, there were arguments and fights, but in the end they always met in the middle. Plus, the arguments they had only added to the drama, which according to me, every good book should have. Despite maybe a few too many cheesy declarations and lines, their relationship was perfect. There were drama, passion, chemistry, compatibility and humor. Everything you want in a romance book!

However perfect the romance was, the storyline and ending could have been better. It did not feel like that much was happening in this book compared to the previous ones and honestly, it felt too short and rushed at the end. Without giving anything away, the ending was sort anticlimactic. There were answers we readers never got, like Tinks real name, who he actually is and who Ivy’s real parents are. Still, I did like the plot twist and the unique and some odd personalities (like Tink) really compensated that. My only question after finishing the story is, is this the end of this series? Is this the end to the world J.L.A has created? The fact that it ended the way it did and so many unanswered questions were left in the air, it feels more like a cliffhanger than a conclusion. I really hope Armentrout has some future plans for this world. I would not mind that at all.
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