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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2011
This book is a definite must read. Tim Rackley is back, after his initial introduction in The Kill Clause. He had gone through a terrible year after his 7 year old daughter was murdered and his subsequent decision to leave the U.S. Marshal Service. He gets hired by a wealthy Hollywood producer to find his daughter, Leah, who had joined a cult. The only way he could do this was to be back with the Service, which was worked out by the producer's influence. Tim infiltrated the cult by pretending to be someone interested in the group. It was there that he met the Teacher, a scary guy named TD. I have known men like TD - not as bad as he was, but a few different men who have had some aspects of his personality, who were in positions of leadership. I find this sort of situation very disturbing, especially watching the way many of their followers are totally controlled by them. Hurwitz created the perfect cult leader in TD, describing his complete control of his followers in a very convincing and creepy way. Tim, a very strong person both physically and in personality, managed to impersonate someone who was open to this control, but not so easily as to raise suspicion. Reading about his time with the group gave me such a sense of panic and claustrophobia that I actually had a nightmare about it. The limitations of the legal system were well described and very frustrating, but the way they got around all of that was very clever. This is a not missable must read book. I have read several of Hurwitz' books and have enjoyed all of them. I just ordered all of the rest and pre-ordered his upcoming book. He is truly a gifted author.
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