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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2017
What I like about this book is that you get a good reference on what you need to get started with Kubernetes and enough detail about what it does and how it can help. The title is a bit misleading in that it's not "the book" as in the one book you'll need to get up and running. In fact, little of what's in here can't be found elsewhere but I found the presentation here much more useful than the tutorials on the Kubernetes website. There are many gaps in the web documentation that are filled here (you could do the same by just searching stackoverflow with the risk of sifting through outdated info).

It's a time saver, but as such it's not really worth the price.
Also, it's still missing thigs:
- at one point in the book, the author uses IP to load the sample container in the browser. It's never explained where he got it from. In fact, the public ip of your service will be <empty> in the list, but can be found by running 'minikube ip' (if you're using minikube to run your kubernetes cluster)
- the role of minikube is never explore enough, as to why it's needed and some things you will need to manually use it for.
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