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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 3, 2013
My daughter is growing up in a rear facing infant seat, consistent with the AAP recommendations that now have children in such seats until two years old. With the growth in her legs, this means that little dirty feet (and other contents of the car seat) are now in contact with the rear seat of my new car! The full size mat covers the entire surface of the seat but REQUIRES a headrest on the rear seat to really secure in place. Those without a headrest on the rear seat will be advised to think of some alternative way to secure the strap that would normally go around the headrest!

If you are using this seat protector together with a car seat, there are seams where the seat and back of the protector come together to ensure continued access to the integrated LATCH system and seat belts at the lap level in the seat.

The one thing to think about before purchasing this seat protector is that its intended for only a single seat area. If what you are protecting your seat from are older children, dogs, etc, which are likely to affect an area larger than a single seat, you will want to look for another solution. If you are simply protecting the seat that likely has a car seat in it (somewhat limiting the mess), I have not seen a better quality product than this full size seat protector, and I continue to use it daily.
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