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Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2020
It's a tv show people (Jeff), you know also called FICTION! If you disliked it so much then my question is, why did you keep watching, hmm there's a question. There are always going to be "haters" out there but don't dump on the actors or fans because you don't agree with the writers spin on the whole God and religion story. That is exactly what it is, a story, and it's one I have enjoyed for 15 years and will continue to enjoy for years and years to come! As for the so-called "bad acting" you're probably one of the clueless execs that choose the Oscar nominees every year. The show is not about bashing God or religion, its about the love 2 brothers share for one another and what family means to them-even if you're not blood, you're still family and just as important and loved as though you were blood. Thank you Supernatural family for a wonderful 15 years that I will forever cherish and miss dearly!
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