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Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2007
Geer, got in a situation in which she couldn't get out of, leaving London without knowing anything about where she was going or who she might encounter on her journer. Mr Percy appeared to be pleasent enought but since she did not know any one, she took up with him, believing without question, everything he told her about the area and Rhodrick. Then to welcome Mr. Percy advances, showed just how little she knew about the world she traveled in. Rhodrick, was a good guy, everyone that talked to her about him, advised her that he was, this to me would bring about a question in my mind, if Percy was lying. but Geer still couldn't believe him to be a nice guy. Geer got a little trying towards the end, but she pulled through, thanks to her mother (in spirit), and realized that she loved Rhodrick.
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