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Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2013
Psychohistory: the attempt to apply mathematical methods to predicting turning points in human existence. These observations eventually coalesced into a formula. In the future, Hari Seldon became the character in Foundation series books who would appear (as a pre-recorded messenger) to advise leaders of their options.
The Foundation: Ostensibly, an organization created to publish the Encyclopedia Galactica. Real purpose known only to Seldon.
Encyclopedia Galactica: a publication of Seldon's organization, excerpts opening each section of the Foundation series.
Isn't this unique, as literary technique? An intellectual, developing from refugee to solitary theorist to leader of a tremendous organization? In time, Seldon becomes the advisor to Cleon I, Emperor of a decaying empire of human worlds. He faces Court officials, Generals, and other characters who complicate his life's work.
Since you have read other Foundation books, this ties together loose ends. Yugo Amaryl, Eto Demerzel, Dors Venabili and Wanda Seldon all contribute to that end.
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