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Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2020
I like the ink and have no complaints about the quality. No leaks, no smears, good saturation, you name it. Just make sure you do the math. As of this writing, the Canon 4 pack of XL ink is $72 from Amazon. The 4 pack of standard ink is $39 from Amazon. A Canon rep responded to a question about how much ink is in each. Standard inks have 5.6ml while XL inks have 8.3ml. Doing the math you find that the Standard ink costs $1.74/ml while the XL ink costs $2.17/ml. You would THINK that by buying more (the XL) it would cost LESS per ml but that's just not the case. Put another way, if you purchased three boxes of the Standard ink you would have 16.8ml of each color. If you purchased two boxes of XL ink you would have 16.6ml of each color - roughly equal to the three boxes of Standard ink. You would have paid $117 for the Standard ink but $144 for the (same amount of) XL ink. So be sure to do the math. (And yes - the "verified purchase" tag on my review indicates that I did NOT do the math the first time around. Lesson learned!)
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