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Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2021
I’m like…really disappointed. I loved Sager’s books, except Every Time I Lied, as I have yet to read it. But after reading his other books, I've come to notice a certain script or M.O. that he sticks to.

The twist is, it’s always the love interest, or the quiet person that he BARELY talks about so that you forget about them and then SURPRISE, they’re the bad guy. There. You don’t have to read this, or any of his other books, (although Final Girls and Lock Every Door are amazing).

This one sounded like it was going to be so good! Such an awesome plot! Serial killer? Great. Best friend murdered by said serial killer? Spooky. Hitchhiking with a stranger? Getting very suspenseful! Unreliable narrator?! Oh no, who do I believe?! And then…huh?

The ending was all over the place. The reason the killer gives for their slayings is, and no reason is good, but this one was just…dumb. Oh, and they, of course it being set in the 90’s, just HAD to involve Nirvana somehow. News flash everyone, Nirvana is not that great!

I just thought this could have been executed better. I was so excited. I guessed the killer right away, even though I didn’t know why it would be them when they’re character was never fleshed out.

I’m really mad. And I don’t understand why or how it’s getting good reviews.
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