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Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2015
Long and complex tale of obsession, control, and murder. Olivia is trapped in a loveless (for her) marriage, and her husband Robert is an obsessive control freak who watches over every move Olivia makes. As she pines away for her ex-boyfriend, Robert tightens the reins even more. One day, Olivia and her children are deemed missing, and the police suspect foul play on Robert's part. And let the twists begin. This book is a slow read, and seems much longer than the 284 pages listed on my Kindle. However, it is still a very good book and requires your full attention to every detail, since the author weaves a delightfully wicked web of deceit and subterfuge. Not all is as it seems, and that's the one thing that becomes evident as one reads along. At first I thought some things were missing from the story, but they were cleverly omitted until the detectives uncover more twists as the story progresses. Very well-written, and the surprises keep us guessing right up until the final pages. Great book.
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