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Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2017
Waste of time. I have now read 9 of Brain Herbert Dune books. Years ago I read the Frank books. Then shortly after that the original Houses trilogy came out. I read those. They were nowhere near as good as Frank H's writing, but still enjoyable. It still felt like the Dune universe and gave us fans some insight. Years and years had passed and recently I decided to read every Dune book in order. I finished the machine war trillogy. It was okay....not as good as the Houses trillogy. Then I was super excited to read the great schools trillogy. We finally get some insight about the Spacing Guild, the Mentats, etc. But we don't!!! Three books of potential all wasted culminating in the biggest waste of them all. Navigators. The Mentats school is destroyed and we have no idea how they become what they are in Frank's Dune. The Spacing Guild is formed and explained in THREE paragraphs!!! No mention or anything that leads to CHOAM or the Sadukar. The Bene G's origins make almost no sense and it's impossible to see how they become the order we know in later books. Their origin story is probably probably the most revealing, but then in Navigators they turn into something that doesn't begin to resemble the Bene G we know in Dune. And it's just left at that. Huge moments occur in this book in mere paragraphs. A huge revalation caused by a major death just happens like poof. And then it's over. It should have been this slow methodical transformation/realization, but then after this certain character we follow for a very long just suddenly dies. It's like... Okay I guess I see his transformation. But it was handled with all the Elegance of a 3 years olds first bucket of Play-Doh. In the end I'm left with almost no insight in the origins of the entities that make up later Dune books. The moment I finished this disappointing book I picked up to read (for the second time, but in order) House Atreides. It made me realize oh my how far Brain H. Has fallen. The writing style and imagery is light years ahead of his later books. It almost... Almost feels like Frank's books. I am going to race through​ the House books to get to Frank's. Skip over all those other short stories and shoe horned in-between books that Brian wrote. And pray that Dune 8 and 9 are closer the the house trillogy than they are the machine wars and great schools trillogys.
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