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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 23, 2019
The concept is good- a girl running from her own ability to see ghosts can't hide anymore and has to take control to help not only herself and her friends, but the whole city.
The characters are likeable and the dual point of view keeps the story fresh.
The first half of the book moved at a decent pace, but after that, it lost me. As details revealed themselves to the characters, I couldn't figure out how they'd come to those conclusions.
For example, there were fires - buildings being burned down that incriminated a character, but never an explanation of why they were burnt down or what he gained from the arson.
Also, I didn't really get the magic. I think the author knows a lot about witchcraft and it shows. I, as a regular reader, don't have that knowledge so I was just confused a lot of the time.
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