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Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2021
Shayla Black and Jenna Jacob's have really out done themselves with this story. Not only did it hook me on the very first page it pissed me off when I had to put it down to get a few hours of sleep, seriously that is how engrossed I was with Heavenly's story.

There are several things that I loved about the story but I'll only touch on a few.
The men in this story, Seth and Beck, not only have a true dislike for one another but when they find out they are both pursuing the same girl it really takes their feeling for one another up a notch. I LOVED the games they played in order to make sure the other didn't get to close to Heavenly in order to take her to bed. Holy cow but one of the games had me laughing so hard I had started choking on the water I was drinking in order to cool off a bit from a hot and steamy scene.

Heavenly, named perfectly, is a wonderful character not only is she extremely likable but she is a hardworking young lady that is doing everything she can to help her ailing father while working and putting herself through school in order to get her nursing license. Time for herself? Not so much but what little time she is able to get away for a bit she spends with either Dr McHottie (Beck) or the seriously Hot PI (Seth). Poor Heavenly doesn't know how to deal with her feelings for both men, especially when they dislike each other so much, I felt bad for the fact that she didn't have anyone that she could confide in other than her new friend Raine, whom you'll remember if you have read The Doms of Her Life series, (One Dom to Love is currently FREE), which I haven't yet but plan on doing soon.

Things aren't drama free for any of them, I was extremely surprised when I learned about something Beck is hiding from just about everyone. But you know what they say about A skeleton in the closet....the truth always comes out, especially at inopportune moments.

As for Heavenly she is hiding the fact that she is caring for her sick father and when Seth and Beck find out, well lets just say that really brings out the dominate side of both of them.

Seth has a few secrets of his own but we don't know all of it yet and unfortunately we will have to wait to find out.
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