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Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2019
Final update:
I made the mistake of saying that it doesn't get stuck in my last review and sure enough the same day it started getting stuck every run. it gets to the stairs or the transition between two different color floors and decided that it's cliff sensors are blocked and wont go any further. Tried all the fixes from the manufacturer and still doing the same thing. Time to try Amazon's return service.
Update 2:
Overall good value for the price and for the most part will keep your floors very clean. I will keep it due to the price being half the cost of the Roomba. Read on for the specifics....
After 62 cleaning runs it finally finds it's way back to base pretty consistently. Does a good job of cleaning what it can reach, but does not do well on edges. It's not fast, between going back to empty the tiny bin and recharging it takes 4 hours to clean ~1000 SQF. It seldom gets stuck, 2 or 3 times out of 62 is not bad. The application overall sucks but that can be fixed with time, it often has to restart and doesn't update when you have it open. There have been multiple times that I had to force close and reopen it 4 or 5 times to get it to work at all. The scheduling works well but you can only set one scheduled run per day and you cant tell it what power level to use. The dustbin is just plain stupid, it is TINY and does not have a sensor to tell the bot to go empty it when it gets full. The mechanism to keep hair and such from getting tangled on the brushes works, its basically a comb that the brushes turn against. Sounds good but if there is a lot of hair on your floor the hair gets stuck in the comb and prevents the bin from emptying itself.

Update 1:
Added an additional star, after 15 runs it now is able to get back to its base 1 out of 3 times so there's hope. On the other hand the battery life is horrible, even in low power mode it can't do 1200sqf without 2 full recharges and it seems that if it has to go back for a third charge it just gives up and won't finish which is really annoying since the area it most often skips is the one that I care about most. Eventually, some day when it's done mapping they claim you can tell it to do a specific area so at least there's a possibility of a fix.

After 4 hours and 1 partial cleaning here's what i know so far. First 4 stars for picking up a LOT, minus 3 for not being smart enough to know that it was so full that it had filled the extremely small bin and then packed the brush area completely full as well. 2 stars for cleaning in straight lines instead of wandering about randomly. Minus 1 for really struggling on flat carpeting, you could hear it really bog down and the brush speed seemingly cut in half every time it hit the carpeting. I can only imagine how it would do on carpeting with any pile to it. Plus 5 for self emptying, it does a great job which takes robot vacuums from being a novelty to being an actually useful tool. Minus 5 for it's ability to return to the base, the battery got discharged so as you would expect it turned the vacuum and brushes off and then continued to wander aimlessly around the room until the battery was completely dead. I'm hopeful that over time it will work out its mapping and be able to return to the base and if so I will update to 5 stars, if not I will sadly return it
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