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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 12, 2019
Wait Until Dark: Maximum Security Prequel is by Kat Martin. This is a prequel to her series Maximum Security. It is a suspense/adventure which includes a security service and the police.
Maximum Security was recommended to April Vale when she found herself the suspect in the death of David Dean, campaign manager for Mayor Rydell’s run for Mayor again. She was found naked in his bed with David shot next to her. April was confused. She knew she didn’t like David well enough to fake his being sick. Nor did she dislike him enough to kill him. She went to see Jonah Wolke who was recommended by a friend.
Jonah was instantly attracted to her; but put his attraction aside. April convinced him there was enough circumstantial evidence to look into David’s Death. The more he finds out, the more evil things begin to happen to April. Who is trying to kill April and Why? Why did he kill David?
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