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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 23, 2014
I was curious but a bit underwhelmed by The Color of Magic, giggling along as I read The Light Fantastic, and now I'm completely bowled over by Equal Rites, Mr Pratchett's third Discworld novel, and one that I'm only about 24 years late in reading.

I loved it - no, I thought it was a masterly work. This is a book that every little girl should be given to read at around age 10. The title is a wordplay on equal rights of course, and this is the story of one Eskarina Smith, who wants the distinction of being the Discworld's first female Wizard. The ensuing quest that she goes on with her mentor Granny Weatherwax (a Witch) at her side has the usual doses of hilarity, profundity, and wackiness that I've come to expect from a Discworld novel.

As a fantasy fan, I should also say this is yin and yang done better (and in about one third the pages) than anything Robert Jordan managed in his Wheel of Time. The book gets quite Lovecraftian towards the end, and philosophical, but never takes itself seriously enough for that to become an issue. I was guffawing at the one liners through the most dramatic bits.

I'm quite properly hooked on Discworld now and cannot wait to start the next book - Mort.
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