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Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2021
Two already warring human civilizations are trying to go for the same ancient artifacts on a planet that is populated by monsters both aerial and dirt-bound that can swallow a man whole. They arrive at the spot where you just made the mistake of generating any kind of EM energy. You can't see or hear them coming because the appear right next to you through a rift in time/space. If that isn't bad enough there's a toroid shaped orbital station that is unassailable, armed with advanced weaponry, and is uncannily accurate with it's weapon systems. It is defending a particular segment of the planet that is believed by the humans to be the repository of the technology of the Priors an ancient civilization that's a million years old and at least that long gone. Whichever group can get that tech will win the war, but there is an extremely high cost in human lives to get anywhere near it. Skillfully woven into this frightening tale are examples of familial love, twists and turns in the thinking that finally leads to a very surprising villain. Please do not read this before going to bed. I guarantee you will not go to sleep easily.
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