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Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2020
I received 37 lbs. (2 boxes each containing 18.5 lbs.) of the Fresh Step Clean Paws Advanced clumping cat litter for review. I have 2 large litter boxes for 1 large cat and decided to remove what was remaining of my current litter in order to start "fresh" with the Fresh Step. Into thoroughly cleaned boxes, I began pouring the Fresh Step and noticed that there was quite a cloud of dust that stirred up. Initially, I was disappointed as this litter is advertised as being 99.9% dust free. It settled immediately though and I have not experienced any dust since, holding true to the nearly dust free claims. The scent of this litter is really nice. Really nice. It is pleasant and clean, but not overwhelming at all and lasts throughout the use of the litter. The clumping capabilities are amazing. I have not had any issues with sticking or disintegration of clumps as I remove them each day. One of the best features of this litter is the very low to no tracking. With a good sized mat under each box, there is virtually no litter spread beyond the area. I have yet to experience this with any other brand I've used. The 37 lbs. lasted about a month for 1 cat (with daily cleaning). This is now my litter of choice and I just purchased another 37 lbs. Highly recommend.
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