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Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2018
I was a Frog Tape convert (the blue stuff never worked well) and have swayed many friends/family members to make the switch, too. However, Frog Tape seems to have changed something recently. I noticed that package now says something like "improved blocking technology" or something to that effect - well, this seems to have made things worse! If you let the paint dry, the tape now tends to peel chunks of the new paint off with it, leaving nasty looking lines at times. If you read the directions, it says to remove the tape before the paint dries, but how can you do that if you need to apply 2 coats? I'm not going to tape twice and use twice the amount of tape! So, I'm less of a Frog Tape fanatic at this point. It still performs better than the other tapes, but it my enthusiasm for it has definitely waned.
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