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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2010
All Together Dead, Book 7 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries is the perfect extension to Book 6. Out of all the Stackhouse books, this one has the least romance and the most action and mystery of them all. There are plenty of relationship quibbles, but no real romance. That may mean that it is a great hit with guys, but you can decide that for yourself. Speaking as a guy, I really like this book.

All the action takes place in a new town called Rhodes, the home of the national vampire summit, with Sookie acting as a paid employee of the Queen, Sophie-Anne of Louisiana. It seems there are some things to clear up from the all out royal assault from Mississippi to the throne of Louisiana, and of course, Sookie remains the only neutral eye witness. The problems don't end there. Coming back from the dreadful wake of hurricaine Katrina, the Queen of Lousiana finds her state's finances in a shaky situation, and her once proud empire, an empire that needs help. Can she garner other states support, or will she face revolt from vamps who wonder at the fact that the King of Mississippi was killed at her party? What about the Fellowship of the Sun? What kind of support do they have in urban areas? What about the Gizeh hotel where the convention is being held? How does it differ from other vamp hotels? How does a former Were feel about being turned vamp a few weeks later?

It all adds up to a really exciting time, I can tell you.

Highly recommended.
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