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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 29, 2000
It's safe to say that every woman alive can identify with this very "on target" tale, which Beverly Cleary depicts with warmth, humour, occasional pathos, and perfect realism. Perhaps we are not much like Jean (I know that I never was ... seems strange she has no interests, no involvement in activities, and only one friend), but which of us has not, in some fashion, had the idea that love was mutual as long as we kept talking about a particular dream boat?
I used this book, which I'd originally read over 30 years ago, with a class when I was teaching pre-teen girls. I noticed that even an adult reader would be wondering whether the gorgeous Johnny really "liked" Jean, or was merely one with a big ego. (I'll not spoil the story by saying which was the case.) I smiled in nostalgic, if bittersweet, recognition when, for example, Jean searched the dictionary for the definition of "cute."
Fortunately, the book was written in the last days of when a conceited type could be taken at face value. We are spared the boring diversions into the psychology of the "hunk" which undoubtedly would divert us today.
As usual, Beverly Cleary presents vivid and highly enjoyable characters and situations, with which readers of any age can identify. Top fare.
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