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Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2021
I can't get beyond the first chapter. The author looks to be a young woman. The first chapter depicts a 67-year-old woman as the picture of decrepitude, her life so miserable from her declining body that she wants to die. I do not want to pay to read this. I am 66 and may in fact be in better physical shape than the author. The first chapter never states what medical condition is responsible for Juno's constant pain, nor under what circumstances a sick person moves in with a family of strangers. I feel as if I am owed what I paid for this book. The blurb stating "The Wrong Family is your new obsession" is simply obnoxious. I shouldn't have fallen for it. Perhaps I'm descending into dementia because of my extreme age? Would an author use such a stale stereotype for a Black or Jewish person? I have to wonder.
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