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Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2021
For a moment I thought this was an interesting/scary plot for a movie. However, the execution and acting were laughable. Had this premise been in the hands of the right director/producer and replaced some acting appearances, it could have had potential.

Instead, Logan Paul basically plays himself. A full of himself super douche. A super douche who, is (of course) the son of the Governor, and is 'too cool' to remember the other main characters name. Not once, but twice. Yet somehow he knows enough about her to know she was selling high-tech contacts to help people cheat on the standardized tests. He also very rudely talks down to her about it, but quite literally asked for one the year prior.

The entire story line is choppy and disconnected; so many rushed base story lines and yet it somehow feels drawn out and tiresome by the end. It feels like a poorly quilted together story between any characters and as predictable as a Disney channel movie. The convenience of events that continuously lead to save the other main characters life is embarrassing. It's impossible to be "on the edge of your seat" when a movie makes it clear its main goal is to save the main girl. It became a game of "what insanely well-placed convenient timing".

Unless your a YouTube movie reviewer looking for something dumb and eye-rolling to review, I highly suggest not wasting time your time trying to overlook Logan Paul attempting to act.
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