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Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2020
You guys. I have recommended this water bottle to anyone who will listen.

I have unapologetically high standards for the products I buy, so when I find something that CHECKS EVERY BOX, I just have to tell the world. It's lightweight, it's cute, it's hygienic, it's EASY TO CLEAN.

Let me tell you all the reasons this water bottle is perfect...

-Of course, the time-tracking along the side.
-Holds 32oz of water and FITS IN A STANDARD CUP HOLDER.
-No straws or nooks & crannies that are hard to get fully clean.
-An included neoprene sleeve you can slip on if you want to keep your water cold.
-A strainer that sits right under the lid to keep fruit from coming through the spout if you want infused water.
-It's so lightweight.
-Narrow mouth spout so you don't spill water all over yourself (haaaate widemouth water bottles).
-A lid that fully covers and protects the mouth spout from germs and other elements.
-The lid's snap system doesn't require you to touch any part of the mouth spout with your dirty hands.
-An added locking latch for the lid's button so it can't pop open in your purse or diaper bag or backpack or whatever you use.
-Extra silicone pieces to replace the waterproof seals when they eventually wear down (all the big-name water bottles require you to order & pay for those pieces separately when you need them).
-A wrist loop that's removable if you don't want it, but comes in handy for a busy mom of littles like me!

I have it in Rose Gold, and I'll probably order the Aqua Green, and make my husband pick one for himself too.

I'm in love with a freaking water bottle.
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