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Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2018
I purchased 2 copies of this version of Minecraft to play with my son who lives in another state. After having trouble figuring out how Minecraft was going to work under the Nintendo Online system I went ahead and bought two versions and started fiddling with it. That's when I noticed how poor the system works with 2 big problems.

1. The game in theory, will let people (each with their own Nintendo Online account) to play together without using Microsoft Realms. I thought this would be a godsend, but it seems Nintendo hasn't done a great job aligning the features and my son soon realized that you can create a new world and both of us can play on it, but when we log out he can no longer join that server. Doesn't matter if I make the server/world, or if he does, you seem to only get 1 play out of it. I looked at NAT types, I've tried port forwarding, and slew of other things. Nintendo/Mojang support is not helpful either with this problem apparently plaguing other users.

2. The game itself is very buggy considering how it seems Nintendo Online handle latency and other issues. I found myself disconnected on a few occasions, or situations where I could no longer see my son's avatar even though he was right in front of me (I witnessed this over facetime). Other issues like landscape (FOV) not appearing seem pretty common in multiplayer.

The singleplayer is fine and the controls once you get used to them work great, but the primary reason I got 2 copies of this was so I could play online and that feature is doesn't work. If the problem can be resolved I'll change my review.

Update: 6+ months later and the Nintendo Online feature still does the same thing and I've had to continue paying for a microsoft realm for us to both play on.
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