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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 22, 2022
This book starts out slow, giving too much attention to who's related to who, and who the top money is in Galveston at the time. Who cares, get on with what happened! Once you get passed that, chapters 1 and 2, then the story begins to emerge and form. Very detailed and Isaac was the meteorologist at the time in Galveston, and that's why it's called Isaac's storm. Back then, in 1900, they didn't name the hurricanes like they do today. Isaac also didn't have the knowledge or technology that we have today, however he was the first meteorologist to help future meteorologists understand about the strength and catagories of hurricanes. It was Isaac that taught us that the tides, the widths and timings of the swallows of the waves in the ocean determined the strength of a storm, and not the wind or barometric pressure. He discovered this watching this during this great storm and that helped us in the future to be more prepared for all hurricanes in the future. This is an historic book. Very good reading.
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