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Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2016
What. Do. I. Say?! I don’t know Tarryn Fisher in the least and this is the first book I’ve read by her but after reading I am whole heartedly convinced she is everything that is right about this world.

I’ve never read a book where I felt so personally connected to the personality and style of the book EVER before. And in complete honesty F*ck Love doesn’t even have most of the qualities of a romance novel I normally gravitate toward but I was still one hundred and ten percent immersed deep within the pages during this journey. Namely the steam factor (not the only factor but one of them) … F*ck Love has ZERO sex scenes and with the quality of writing and the laugh out loud reading experience I had, I couldn’t have cared less about that. I read this in one sitting, started it late at night, thinking I would read a few chapters before bed… um no! I couldn’t put it down and read until the sun was peeking through my windows. Lucky for me it was my day off work the next day.

F*ck Love is strange. Straight up but in the best, charming way possible. It breathes life and personality from every page. Helena is an odd duck, within her inner monologues and the random stuff she says and does and it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s funny and weird and full of Harry Potter references (Which is the markings of an author with great taste!). Helena has a dream that she fixates on and it basically changes the course of her life. Obviously she’s walking to the beat of a different drum.

F*ck Love had an offbeat depth about it. The depth was mixed with humor and created perplexing thought processes while reading. Not in a way where the reader is confused while reading but in a way where the reader is questioning and analyzing throughout the book. Is Kit good for Helena? Is Della a misunderstood, insecure woman or a manipulating selfish one? Is Greer really over Kit or is she out to sabotage Helena? And is Greer really that deep or just scared of people seeing what’s inside of her? While reading, you’re dissecting the characters, their motives and intentions, and their inner workings. I loved this part of the writing. It kept me guessing, left things somewhat open for interpretation and added in that extra mind stimulant while along for the fictional ride.

When I finished F*ck Love I immediately did a couple of things: messaged my go-to book friends telling them they needed to read this, sent Tarryn a FB PM about how awesome she is, searched for someone to chat with about this book, and immediately went to GR’s to mark other books of Tarryn’s to my TBR list. Now I think each one of these things demonstrates that I loved this book and would obviously be giving it a 5-star review.

While on the hunt to discuss this book, I came across the realization that some… didn’t care for Kit (the leading male) even though they were raving about this book. I had no ill-will toward him while reading or after but I could see how some could. He’s not your typical white knight lead or bad boy turned good for the right girl. He’s more of a human character. He’s a guy once scorned by love and now in a complicated relationship with possibly the wrong girl, finding himself having feelings for said girl’s best friend. This is one damn, sticky situation that would be hard for anyone to find the “right” choices. What matters to me is that he was “right” for Helena and that he was what was in her heart. That while reading you could feel her desire, despair, and love. That’s why I love him. Not because he saved her from a dragon or cleaned up his life for her. Look at me… talking about fictional characters like they don’t just live in the world of books and stories… but that heart and soul of the characters and their story feeling authentic is the very reason F*ck Love is special.

I can’t wait to find out what is in store for me in all the other Tarryn Fisher books I have stupidly been missing out on. I came across F*ck Love because around it’s release date it was all over my FB newsfeed. Sometimes when you see a book being talked about left and right, it can set you up for too high of expectations and then you’re disappointed after reading. This is so NOT the case here. F*ck Love was beyond great; completely different from what I thought it would be and so much better than that. The cover is eye catching and beautiful. This is a novel done right; from promotion, to the beautiful cover and teasers, and to the words written on each and ever page. I highly advice you go grab this one today!
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