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Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2017
If you can manage to install this screen protector without any dust or foreign debris under it, it will probably do a great job. However, that's the problem.

Installation involves positioning the protector on the screen, and using stickers to create a sort of temporary hinge. Once you've done that, there is a provided wet wipe to clean the screen, and a microfiber cloth to remove excess cleaner and fingerprints. Next, the protective film must be removed from the glass, and here is where the problem lies.

Unless you have an ISO-9001 certified clean room at your disposal, I'm not sure how you can install this screen protector without getting any dust under it. Removing the protective film creates such a buildup of static electricity that I could feel it, hear it, and even smell it. It attracted dust out of the air, and by the time I got the glass onto my device and pressed down, the dust was sealed in. It might not have been so bad, except that it creates a bubble around it where the glass is not in contact with the device, and it's very obvious, even for a small piece of dirt.

I removed the glass from the device, and attempted to remove the offending debris, but only succeeded in making the problem worse. It quickly became apparent that I was not going to be able to use this screen protector. I was very hopeful for a product that got so many positive reviews, but I am now disappointed.

Two stars, because as I said, if you can manage to get it installed without dust, it probably works just fine. Good luck.

UPDATE: I was contacted by Sparin regarding my review above, and they offered to provide me with a free replacement. We had a bit of email difficulty, but kudos for excellent customer service. I received the replacement today, and I just happened to have a room in my house where I had just remodeled, so it was clean, clean, clean. I applied the screen protector there, using the no stickers method (search YouTube for "SPARIN A02"), which I would highly recommend. This time, I got the screen protector installed on my iPad with no dust and only minor bubbles, which I was able to work out. As I predicted above, once the screen protector is applied with no dust, dirt, or bubbles under it, it looks fine. It feels smooth to the touch, as you'd expect for glass, and it doesn't add much in the way of thickness. My case still fit around my iPad with no issues. It seems to be pretty scratch resistant. As for shattering, only time will tell (or hopefully, it won't!).

I'm updating my rating from 2 stars to 4, based on the customer service, and the apparent quality of the product (once you get it installed properly).
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