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Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2021
As a big big Mina Carter and Susan Hayes fan, this is particularly disappointing for a new series.

The H--virtually one note. Mostly he shouts MINE alot, and threatens to "punish" the h. Oh, and by punish, he means spanking in case you need clarity. He's quite the hunk o burnin' love, but otherwise, we learn little about him. He speaks intelligently and fluidly to others, but shares little besides declarative statements and threats with the h.

The h--she's a bit older, thankfully. No virgins! But I can see them coming, for sure, along with some secret babies. She does perform some TSTL acts, which are not endearing.

The plot--pretty spare. Because this book is so short, there's little world building, and not much character development of the different players. There's mostly sex. However, there's such an insta-love vibe that there's virtually no real connection between the H and the h.

Both authors are really accomplished, and have written terrific stories and series. It's unclear where this is going, and doesn't entice this reader to the next story. Read the first volume of Mina Carter's Lathar series to see how a new series is supposed to kick off.
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