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Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2019
I’m not a writer, I’m an avid reader. I hate to critique anyone that can do something so well. Jill Shalvis is a really great writer. As one of her readers this one just didn’t work for me. I was excited to read the second book of this series because I enjoyed the first book immensely. Unfortunately, the second book was really difficult to keep reading. It seemed as if the first 3 chapters were written and then repeated over and over and over again until the author had her required number of pages needed to submit. Willa and Keane briefly met in high school, he stood her up for a dance, Keane had no memory of this, Willa was heartbroken he didn’t remember, she forgave him. They both had commitment issues & crappy childhoods. They reconnect over a cute cat he’s taking care of for a sick aunt. They are crazy attracted to each other, physically and emotionally, and can’t keep their hands and mouths off one another. This was all pretty much covered by chapter 3 and was then repeated ad nauseam until the end. That was it. That was the whole book. There was a creepy ex-boyfriend that made a brief appearance via text that gave me hope that there might be something happening, but nope...never to be heard from again. I will read the third book and hope that there is more meat to the story, let’s be honest an actual story and plot.
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