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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2020
After my doctor advised me to up my water intake, I went looking for a water bottle that holds the precise amount of water he recommended I drink every day.

I really like this bottle. It's huge, so I appreciate both the indented sides and carry strap. Since I'm working from home, it gets carried from bedroom to my desk back to my bedroom again, every day. It probably makes me pathetic, but since I'm locked down alone it's like my side-kick.

Yeah, that looks more pathetic typed out than in my head. But I'm fond of the little guy.

Maybe I just need extra encouragement because life is so ridiculous right now, but the positive reminders printed on the side do help when I feel like I'm drowning in water.

My only complaint, and it will be big if it does wind up breaking, is the pin on the button you press to make the lid unlock is already starting to work its way out. That's very disappointing. Once that breaks I can still use the bottle but it will leak all over the place. Sigh.

But it is cute, relatively easy to hold, and I like the comfy feel of it. Plus the fact it's pretty much my best friend right now. Tom Hanks had a soccer ball. I have a water bottle.

It could be weirder. Maybe.
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