Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2020
Read the instructions and watched the installation video on youtube. Used the guide stickers and did everything as instructed. When I went to remove the backing off the guard, the stupid guide stickers came off and ended up getting a few specs of dust stuck to the guard. Huge pain to install but once it’s on it does its job. I don’t see any “anti-glare” at work, it reflects light and glares just as the original screen did. As for the anti-smudge, I guess it works to some degree. Definitely not as many noticeable finger prints on the screen than what would be there without the guard. No bubbles, just the specs of dust from where the guide stickers came off and the guard tapped the table and gathered dust from it before I was able to get it lined up well enough. Which I had to do by eye because the guide stickers were useless. Hope someone has a better experience than me. I would say it’s still worth the money. If you use something with a little better adhesion than the stickers, it would probably make installation a lot easier.
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