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Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2016
I bought two of these car seats (for my and my wife's car) to replace the one I had that only went up to 30 pounds rear facing. This car seat is incredibly easy to install and take out, since there's a tension release button on the latch strap, which not all car seats have. I recently flew with my wife and child, and this car seat was easy to travel with. It is light, so carrying it around the airport wasn't too difficult. Installing in a plane seat was the most annoying part, only because the area where the belt goes is too small for my hands, so I had to lift the seat cover to feed the belt through. However, the seat cover very easily lifts up and pops back on, so that made it better. It fits perfectly on a small plane, even rear facing, to prevent my kid from kicking the seat ahead of him. It does mean the person in front of the seat won't be able to put their seat back, but we never had anyone in front of him so we didn't encounter this situation. Anyway, not going back is better than having a kid kick the back, so anyone in front should be ok with it. During our trip I had to install and remove this seat from several different cars, and a few times each. It takes me less than 30 seconds to install or remove now. It is just so easy with the strap. Putting my kid into the seat is easy, as the sides aren't too high. The belts and buckles are just as accessible as any other car seat in this price range, or really as any under $200. The buckle release button is just a smidge too small, making it a little more difficult sometimes, but the strap release is placed high up on the seat and is easier to press than other car seats I've used. I will admit that there's not a lot of slack available on the straps, which is ok with a small child. But if your kid is larger than average, it may be tough to get them buckled up. My son is average size so he fits just fine. Finally, the built in cup holders are just gravy.

I would buy this car seat a hundred times again over any other one. Don't bother spending hundreds of dollars on fancy car seats with huge claims. This one is almost exactly the same as car seats that cost five times as much.
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