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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2019
If you're a fan of works like Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series, or any real SCIENCE-Fiction, you'll be disappointed.

I was truly hoping for a better novel. Not only does the author fall into the frequently common sin in science-fiction of slamming scientific words together to describe whatever magic this book calls science, but also it has the most basic of premises when it comes to the story.

Ever heard of Deus Ex Machina? Well this book is the definition of it. Always a miracle finds a way to the protagonists to move the plot forward. And the plot. The PLOT. Awful, without going into much detail and spoiling the book (if there's anything to be spoiled), it's basically a confederation made up by all the countries in Earth (of which misteriously only Mexico, UK, and the US are mentioned ) except for (you guessed it) Russia.
So you've got going on a story in which Unit Earth's government (ehem , US Govt. ) is corrupt and scheming, but never as badly as the russians, who for some reason which not only isn't explained ("mistrust" isn't a sufficient explanation for me) but also contradicts itself with the narrative (space, infinite worlds, infnite resources, etc) haven't joined the rest of the world and run a parallel space program.

Also, most (if not all) characters are expendable, the main protagonist are a stereotype of a pro-war and military worshiping american, and the main antagonist...let's just say it's put together in the most stupid way possible (for those who read it: Nobody had a microscope? And a radio? Really?). I'm just glad I only bought the first book to give it a try, so I haven't bought the rest of the series .
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