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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2020
My first book by Lauren Layne and I thought the story was going to be great.

This is the first in the Central Park Pact trilogy. What pact? Well as the first chapter of Passion on Park Avenue recounts – one widow and two mistresses meet at a park bench in Central Park wearing the same black Louboutin pumps, each realizing that they have shared the same lying, cheating jerkoff. What ensues is a pact and the brilliant friendships of 3 women that vow to look out for each other to ensure that they look out for the cheatin’ liars and scumbags in the foreground.

The viewpoint of 3 classy, wealthy and sassy girls that even though are beautiful and smart have gotten cheated on by the male race - the norm in NYC. Trying to remove bitterness and not become jaded, each girl opens up to each other, realizing that they have a common link. Neither knew about the existence of the “other” woman so they are able to remove jealousy and bond together – as unlikely as it sounds - and that is about all that's great about the book - the storyline is great - everything else revolves around the grudge that Naomi has carried for a very long time and that is all you read about...

Naomi is a self-made woman, her company has skyrocketed, giving her fame and wealth. She’s come from nothing and fought hard to get where she’s at. Oliver Cunningham returns to her life quite by accident and he’s still the nemesis from her youth. She remembers him as the petty, childish and selfish rich boy that used to tease her and make her feel crappy.

Now as luck would have it, they are unlikely neighbors living in the same apartment building. He has no clue as to why Naomi hates his guts, but she does, he doesn’t recall her from his youth or even recalls an awful event that happened when they were young.

A lot of things prevented me from giving it a swinging 5 stars. I truly disliked Naomi’s attitude from the start and the huge, unnecessary chip she carries on her shoulder. Her animosity and dislike for Oliver is totally OTT and taken too far in my opinion. She doesn’t disclose why she dislikes him so much but keeps sending him mixed signals.

It’s understandable why Naomi isn’t able to reveal to Oliver the reason for her aversion to him, but it dragged on far too long (the whole book!) and it got really annoying after a while. I was like – enough already – like get over it!!!! Oliver is a super nice guy and doesn’t deserve to be treated by Naomi like that. Even her newfound friends Audrey and Claire, who know Naomi’s story feel that she’s taking it too far.

The sexual tension and chemistry between Oliver and Naomi were really nonexistent and when they finally get together it's as flat as a pancake and totally unexciting – there was nothing other than a kiss and .. poof you wake up the next morning and ... 'mornin!!!!!.

While I don’t need to have explicit sexuality in my romance books, I need a little more oomph, slow burn and chemistry between the two main protagonists - and this one had ZERO. That being said it’s well written and the dialogue is smart for that I gave it 2 stars....

I’m still looking forward to reading the other books in the trilogy – Claire and Audrey’s story, which I hope are going to be way better than this one. At least I hope so......... this one was very disappointing SMH
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