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Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2022
For the first half of the book Bryce is trying to lay low and live peacefully. However, it is revealed that there is a rare fae Danika worked with who allegedly knew information that could help them in the fight against the asteri. For about 600 pages we’re taken on a wild goose chase that leads to what appears to be dead ends. The book relies heavily on past and current relationships to propel the plot forward. One thing I was disastisfied with is it seemed in the previous book hypoxia would be paired with a certain character. For no apparent reason it’s thrown out the window for this new person who I believe was just for shock value. Also, we follow connors lil brother through his grief and him trying to determine if Connor really met a peaceful fate in the after life. Some of these events in no way propelled the plot forward. By the 80% mark of the book nearly every man character has been paired off with no build up and is just plopped in there for shock value. The book foreshadowed a pair with Connors lil brother and potential a new alpha. Ethan now has interest in what appears to be a dragon shifter. This book honestly was all over the place and a hot mess. The most interesting aspect of the book was learning about the princes of hell and the role they played in the past war. Besides this, it was agonizing making my way through this book. I’m a truly Sarah j. Maas fan and earth and blood I thought was set up to establish the plot and introduce the character but it feels as though in this book new characters are just plopped in with no true value. I personally would have loved to learn more about jesiba, the princes from hell, and a greater extent of Bryce and her brothers abilities. Instead we tune into a love island. Also, I know a lot of people ship hunt with Bryce but I personally don’t see it. They have no chemistry to me and this is possibly the worse pairing yet. Maybe I’m biased but the throne of glass series is much better and Aelin a more interesting character to read about. Bryce history and her past is very base level and I feel like for as long as this book was the things we learned weren’t a good payoff. Lastly, I’m tired of the Danika plot line and the wolves unless she’s going to bring them back to life it’s time to move on. Once again the plot is focused on more of Danikas secret motivations and what she was doing and plotting while Alive. This is a lot for someone who died in book 1 and is not returning. It’s like every book revolves around her secrets which is the basis of how Bryce begins researching Lost knowledge and things that aren’t meant to be know. I may give the third book a try but it has to be a vast improvement. Focus more on the lore of the creatures, weapons, and alliances. Also, the ending seemed just an excuse to merge worlds a ala spider man no way home kinda deal.
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