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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2013
The Undead Situation was an interesting read, to say the least. There's quite a few tropes (of a zombie apocalypse) used, the setting is familiar, you've read all of this before, BUT what makes this book original is its main character Cyrus V. Sinclair. This is where Knapp excels and finds a way to tell an overdone story in a fresh, original way. There's been a few movies and books that have had sociopathic/psychopathic characters sure, but I'm hard press to remember any that were intended to be the hero of the book. Still, even being a sociopath, Cyrus has his nuances, at some points in the book asking himself why he's helping people and why he cares. In fact, at certain points in the narrative, we start to wonder if he's just not simply an antisocial a**. I think this is where Knapp managed to instill some humanity in the character. He's conflicted, he's multi-facceted, more to the point, he's interesting.

I look forward to seeing more from Sinclair and seeing what Knapp does with his character. Great first effort!
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